São Paulo
A Chinese Telecom company Brazilian subsidiary
Position Summary:

Are you a Chinese speaker?

DNA Hunter in Brazil in partnership with Chinese executive search company in China is looking for an executive for the GM role to work for a Global Chinese Telecom company expanding their subsidiary operation in Brazil as described below.

  • Educational background: Bachelor or above
  • Over 5 years of relevant working experiences in corporate customer development and team management of telecom industry. Over 1 year of international team management experiences in the southern America areas
  • Language skills: Chinese is mandatory, and a supplementary business language (either English or Portuguese) is also required
  • Having a proper sense of professional ethics and compliance. Sincere, honest and performance oriented
  • Familiar with the telecom industry, including but not limited to the market trend in the Greater China and South America, international business and products, and practices of business development in corporate clients in the local areas. Adapt to the trend of telecom industry integrated to digital, network and comprehensive services
  • Familiar with how a company should be run in local contexts and have strong capability in coordinating, motivating and developing talents
  • Keen sense of market insight and strong ability in business development to meet revenue targets by planning, leading and collaborating
  • Run the operation, development and strategic planning for The Company, including but not limited to daily operation, marketing and business development, and meeting the required revenue target
  • Maintain business relationships with key clients, establishing connections with clients and business partners and improving the market influence for The Company
  • Manage business operation, financial and compliance by refining relevant policies and procedures to ensure efficient and orderly operation
  • Recruit right personnel, team building and talent development to help boost the digitalized transformation process
  • Establish, improve and monitor the organization structure and business process of The Company
  • Maintain a proper employer branding and company image in the local area by complying with both local and internal regulations, legislations and codes of ethics
  • Organize and complete other periodical tasks and ad-hoc duties assigned by China Head Quarter and China International Operations
Foto/Photo: Jess Bailey

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